Cleaning and Sealing Pavers

There's no denying the beauty of a well-installed paved driveway or walkway. And sealing your pavers keeps that beauty for years to come while providing a protective barrier on the top that will help to repel water, oils and sunlight as well as help to preserve the pavers' natural beauty.

AIM provides cleaning and sealing in a variety of finishes to paver surfaces while removing harmful debris or spilled liquids, and thereby restoring its natural beauty. AIM cleaning and sealer applications are environmentally safe and will not harm pets or plants while helping to inhibit mold or algae growth.

Typically, paver sealing will provide up to 3 years of lasting protection and beauty to your paver surface. And cleaning and sealing can be done in as little as two days, depending upon the paver surface. AIM sealers will penetrate the pavers and provide an effective barrier from outdoor weather in addition to stabilizing the joints, and ensuring a flexible and structurally sound paving surface.

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